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Musings on Valentine's Day

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I confess that I was not a big fan of Valentine's Day. It felt like a manufactured reason for companies to sell more goods to customers- goods which popular culture dictates to be "romantic": cards, generic bouquets and chocolates. To be clear, I don't begrudge companies for doing so. After all, business is in essence about selling and at Spick Studio we are basically selling products as well (albeit ones that are handcrafted and hopefully feel more warm & unique).

I simply felt like the contrived and at times consumeristic tone of Valentine's Day didn't lend itself well to spontaneity & sincerity, which I felt were a big part of what made relationships and tokens of affection exciting. That said, I've come to see that we don't have to follow some prepackaged idea of what Valentine's Day should be. It can be an opportunity to celebrate love in its many forms, not solely romantic. Whether its showing our appreciation to family, friends, or even ourselves. 

It is with this more open outlook that we designed some valentine's day cards & postcards (which were available for a limited time) from our watercolors & hand lettering.

I like that the cards don't look too stereotypically "romantic". They could be given to family, friends or just about anyone you appreciate with your own meaningful note to them inside. Personally, I feel that the gesture of sending a handwritten card or note by snail mail has a heartfelt (and perhaps romantic?) quality in this digital age where such communication has become rare. 

How do you spend Valentine's day? Is February the 14th just like any other day for you?

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